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Premium Website Packages

Our premium/custom websites are offered at a very affordable price. Packages include your own domain name with 2 email addresses, a password protected admin panel allowing customization of home page and several others, Automatic member activation (no need to manually enter paid members), pick entry for 7 different sports (we supply schedules and editable lines for football, basketball, baseball and hockey daily for quicker entry), ability to add game analysis along with standard control over such items as client registration, client list, mailing lists, etc.
Web page options include control over banners, links, choice to display past days results, past months results, win/loss records by sport, current picks 30 minutes after games start (a priceless feature for acquiring the trust of potential buyers) plus too many more to list here so try our demo

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Easy to use Admin Panel lets you manage registrants, clients, enter picks, send picks and edit front end pages.
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Edit your company information
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Enter multiple games per sport at one time using our supplied schedules and sports lines. Current games already picked are listed at top as an easy reference.
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Set Units, edit odds and add write-ups to your picks if desired.
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Some sports such as soccer, horse racing and nascar do not have schedules and odds so the utilize easy drop down menus to save you time.
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Easily edit/adjust your stats and records.
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Manage current client accounts. Expired accounts show in red so you know to remove them, info stays in the registrant list for possible future renewals with an option to enter clients manually that may not have registered previously.
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Email your picks out daily with the option to uncheck any you wish to leave out.
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Add content to your front end pages easily using our text editors. You can insert images, upload banners, create links and more.
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One touch preview of your current members page to check yourself before sending out your plays.
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